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As organizations try to keep pace, shifting and flexing to fit our rapidly changing world, corporate responsibility to human health and the environment will continue to be a priority. Companies must not only do it faster and better with less, but face the financial, political and social pressures for compliance in an ever-increasing regulatory climate.


At NSS Environmental, Inc. (NSS2E), we recognize these challenges and have assembled a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to provide our clients the resources to manage and resolve environmental, health and safety issues affecting their business. Through responsiveness, innovations and an awareness of our client’s needs, NSS2E delivers quality results from services performed correctly and in accordance with acceptable methods.


Since 1989, NSS2E has provided regulatory management and compliance assistance to a diverse audience — individuals, corporations, academia, government, small and medium size businesses. Our goal is to build long term, mutually beneficial working relationships with our clients, achieving their targeted outcomes and demonstrating due-diligence to the regulatory community. By delivering preparedness, expertise, knowledge and a genuine concern for our client’s success, NSS2E’s reputation is built on trust and performance.






NSS2E’s mission as “Industry’s Partner in Environmental and Safety

Management,” is demonstrated through our commitment to these working principles:


Focus - NSS2E employs high performance personnel who recognize the demands for quality and service to meet customer’s needs. Continuous improvement and sound fundamentals provide a mechanism to deliver workable solutions.


Integrity - NSS2E’s foundation of trust has been built on a spirit of cooperation, in other words, keeping promises and fulfilling expectations to achieve customer loyalty.


Teamwork - NSS2E believes its success can be attributed to an ability to travel light and cover ground quickly. We delegate decision-making power and have erased internal boundaries between different. part’s of the organization, so work flows quickly and smoothly. Our results come from the contributions of individuals working together for you.




Compliance Management Assistance

·        Air Pollution Control and Air Quality

·        Asbestos Management/Planning

·        Community Right to Know Management and Reporting (SARA Title III)

·        Emergency Planning

·        Industrial Hygiene Services and Safety Training

·        Regulatory Compliance Program Development and Permitting

·        Risk Management Program (RMP)

·        Storage Tank Management

·        Water Cycle Management










Environmental Engineering

·        Hazardous and Toxic Material Management and Design

·        Remediation Engineering, Design and Project Management

·        Soil Vapor Extraction System Design and Technology

·        Industrial Wastewater Treatment

·        Process Design

·        Solid Waste Disposal Facility Design and Evaluation





Regulatory Investigations / Assessments

·        Environmental and Safety Audits

·        Phase I/Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

·        Soil and Groundwater Contamination Investigations

·        Spill Prevention and Contingency Planning








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