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Soil Vapor Extraction System (SVES)



The SVES is a complete soil vapor extraction system, designed to remove volatile organic compounds (VOC's) from unsaturated soils. This in-situ soil venting system uses a vacuum to force vapors to flow through the soil into subsurface vents, pulling hydrocarbons from the zone of contamination. Extracted vapors are treated and discharged aboveground. The SVES is a skid mounted system for ease of movement by fork truck, with water separator, filter, and appropriate controls, instrumentation, and motor starters all self-contained in one unit. Smaller units can be operated by a mobile generator.

Instrumentation is ideal for soil gas feasibility studies.




Soil Vapor Extraction System

The SVES pulls volatile organic compounds (VOC's) out of the soil through a vacuum system.




Increased air flow through the interstices of soil particles, induces the detachment of VOC's from the contaminated soils. Also provides oxygen enhancement for biodegradation.


Vapors are forced into subsurface vents placed in the areas of residual contamination. Subsurface vents provide conduits for air movement from the zone of contamination to the surface.


A soil moisture separator and filter are provided to remove moisture and fine particles and prevent damage to the blower.


Collapsible stack assembly provides shielding and eventual discharge of the hot gases from the blower operations.


Small size and mobility make unit ideal for feasibility studies and small spills.


Larger units and configurations available on request. Exhaust gas treatment added on request.


Successful SVES Applications:

UST remediation for gasoline release

UST remediation for solvent release

UST remediation for diesel release

Facility solvent spill cleanup & remediation

Highway tanker spill cleanup & remediation

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